An angel, by definition, is a guardian and an inspiration from God. Heart for Africa Angels financially support the Project Canaan Children on a monthly basis so that we can ensure the children are loved, educated, and cared for.  

Unlike traditional child sponsorship where a donor chooses a specific child to support and follow, we take a more holistic approach.  When you become an Angel, your monthly donation will provide support for our entire family of children.  However, we do encourage our Angels to choose one of our children to pray for daily for their continued growth and development.

The monthly cost of care for one child is $225, which includes diapers, formula, food, clothing, medical care, dayshift and nightshift caregivers and lots of love. It's hard to imagine that ALL of that can happen for only $225 per month!  While we know that it takes $225 to fully provide for all the things a child needs we have been able to break it down a different way.

  • $30 per month pays for primary medical care for one child including a full-time nurse, vaccines, wellness checks and treatment when sick.
  • $75 per month provides formula and diapers for our small babies.
  • $100 per month provides for one Night Shift Auntie who works with the tiny babies and/or at the baby home to make sure that they are well card for during the night hours.

We have Angels who give $10, $50, $100 per month and even some who fully fund a child or give more.  We have 100+ children in our care and our financial needs are great.  When you sign up to become one of our Angels at any giving level, you are helping Heart for Africa give HOPE and a FUTURE to these precious children who are destined to become the next leaders in Swaziland.  And we know that HOPE wins!


"Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me. " Matthew 25:40 


To sign up to become one of our Angels please fill out the form below.  PLEASE NOTE: In order to make your donation recur monthly, you will need to check the box next to 'I want to make a bigger impact.' You can chose the number of recurring donations that you would like to make.  If you do not place a number in this box your monthly donation will continue until you contact us to cancel.  Thank you!  You can also have funds deducted automatically from your bank account through an ACH form.  Please download the ACH form by clicking hereOnce your form is completed please send it to or you can fax it to 866-403-6260.

Many of our children have suffered unimaginable pain and loss, are HIV positive, or have suffered abuse before coming to us.  Therefore, out of a desire to protect their privacy and our moral obligation, we do not share their stories publicly on our site.  For more information about a particular child, email us at However, you can click the links below to view the pictures of all our children.  You can even drag the photo of the child you will commit to pray for onto your personal device and print the photo for yourself! We also provide many updates on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) of our children.  Follow us there and be on the lookout for updates.


Meet our BabiesMeet our ToddlersMeet Our Big Kids


 To see a list of our current Heart for Africa Angels please click HERE.  


* Heart for Africa attempts to accurately budget each and every project we undertake.  As we promote and raise funds for each project we closely monitor the incoming dollars and close each project campaign if and when the fundraising goal is met.  In the event that an individual project is completed under budget and excess funds remain in that account, we will move those excess funds into the next area of greatest need.

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