The drought in Swaziland continues and more and more children are going without food.  Up until 2016, children who were enrolled in school could depend on receiving a hot lunch Monday – Thursday at school, and then only had to try to find food on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (our three highest feeding program days). But this year, the schools have no food and the children are hungry. 

The crisis is getting worse and we are called weekly about needing more food for our church partners to try to help with the schools have fallen off.

Unfortunately, the drought is also affecting the country of South Africa in a very serious way, and that is where Swaziland imports 95% of its food from. Food prices have gone up by 66% in Swaziland, causing further strain on already poor families.

As we all prepare for Easter this month with decorations and special treats for our own families, we are asking our supporters to consider helping us purchase food that will be distributed to church families for the children we feed on a weekly basis.

Would you consider donating so that we can purchase and deliver any of the following food items to feed the orphans and vulnerable children?

  • 250 hard boiled eggs = $25.00 (providing the perfect protein that can be consumed immediately)
  • 22 pound bag of sugar beans = $25.00   (is a perfect source of protein and the children love them)
  • 110 pound bag of maize flour = $70.00 (maize is the food staple in Swaziland and this one bag will feed 250 children)
  • 1 fat Project Canaan goat = $200.00 (the children almost NEVER get meat so this is a really wonderful gift and treat for them, especially at Easter)

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For a donation of $25 we will deliver 250 hard boiled eggs to one of our rural church partners. Please put the church that you would like to receive your donation in the comments section.
Price: 25.00 USD Quantity: 
For a donation of $200 a goat will be slaughtered, prepared and delivered to the rural church of your choice for a special Easter meal. Goats are a favorite meal in Swaziland! Please put the church that you would like to receive your donation in the comments section.
Price: 200.00 USD Quantity: 
For a donation of $70 a 110lb bag of maize flour will be delivered to one our of rural church partners. This bag will feed 250 children. Maize flour is the staple diet of Swazis. Please note in the comments what church you would like your donation delivered to.
Price: 70.00 USD Quantity: 
Sugar Beans
For a $25 donation a 22lb bag of sugar beans will be delivered to the church of your choice. These are an excellent source of protein! Please note the church you would like to receive this in the comments section.
Price: 25.00 USD Quantity: 

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