We have an exciting opportunity to double the size of our dairy herd, which is a big step towards our goal of sustainability for Project Canaan. It is very hard to source dairy cows and even harder to buy them in herds.

Project Canaan has been approached by Bulembu Ministries Swaziland to purchase their dairy herd (66 dairy cows and one bull), along with some equipment. They have to move all their operations by the end of the month, so there's an urgency to this request as we have to pay them by April 30.

 The total funds needed for the herd AND the equipment is $63,474.

The herd consists of 66 cows (of which 26 are pregnant) including seven calves. We have grown enough food on PC this year to feed our existing cows and we also have enough to feed these additional animals without any significant expense. With these cows, we would add a minimum of 300L/day to our existing milk while adding little to no expense.

The cost of the herd and to move the animals is $61,000.

The equipment that we would like to purchase from BMS includes:

  1. 450L batch pasteurizer - We currently have a 30L one but it really is now too small. We pasteurize 160 to 200L a day and it takes most of the day to do this. ($970)
  2. 1,200L milk tank to use for the pasteurized milk and to make emasi. ($970)
  3. Spray Race - to spray for ticks ($485)
  4. Milk separator ($49)

The Project Canaan Dairy provides nutritious milk to our children (we now have 188) and our nearly 300 Swazi employees.  The dairy also provides valuable vocational training and employment opportunities for local Swazis.  Opportunities like this do not present themselves very often.  The dairy on Project Canaan is a critical component of our sustainability initiative.  Would you please consider helping us to purchase this herd and equipment that are now available to us?  Thank you for helping us to MOOOOO-ve toward our goal of sustainability!

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