Water is life.

Living in eSwatini is a series of challenges. Our water filtration system is beyond repair, and our aunties have been boiling water every day for the last couple of weeks so that we could have clean drinking water for our children. Everyone who lives on Project Canaan has been affected by this and must now boil their water to ensure it's safety for consumption.  We must purchase a new water treatment system, and it will cost $14,790.
The one we’ve selected will filter and clean up to 5,000 liters an hour.
Will you make a gift today to help providing clean water for our children and employees at Project Canaan?


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* Heart for Africa attempts to accurately budget each and every project we undertake.  As we promote and raise funds for each project we closely monitor the incoming dollars and close each project campaign if and when the fundraising goal is met.  In the event that an individual project is completed under budget and excess funds remain in that account, we will move those excess funds into the next area of greatest need.







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