**UPDATE**  We only need $11,000 for this project to be completely funded!  

The drought throughout sub-Saharan Africa is the worst in recorded history.  The rainy season typically lasts from November to March, and while there has been some rain from time to time, we are far from having enough to be able to irrigate crops.  We still need much, much more.  The pipeline for which we are currently raising funds is quite literally our "lifeline" that will establish water security on Project Canaan.

We know that we must become "water secure" if we are to continue caring for our children and the men and women who depend on us for employment - and the children and family members who rely upon them for their very survival.  Not only do we require it for domestic consumption, but also to be able to grow crops again, which generates income and employment.

There is a mountain on our property with five natural springs that run year-round, even in drought.  We've secured permission from the government to direct the flow of two of those springs down to Project Canaan.  The first three phases of this project have been completed, and we only need to raise $11,000 to complete the last phases of the project!  We know this is a large amount of money, but we don't see any other way to become water secure and ensure the future of Project Canaan.  Another borehole (well) on the property is not an option.  We have had surveyors out to look for more underground water, but none has been found.  There is also no river on the property.

Nearly 25,000 feet of pipeline is needed to bring water down from the mountain to Project Canaan.  We could do it this way:

  • $25 = 1 foot
  • $250 = 10 feet
  • $2,500 = 100 feet
  • $25,000 = 1,000 feet 

Your most generous gift today would start bringing water down the mountain and closer to Project Canaan and those precious children!  Would you consider a donation to help supply life-giving water?  Your most generous gift to our "Water Down the Mountain" initiative is appreciated.  Help us bring HOPE to a nation in dire need. 

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* Heart for Africa attempts to accurately budget each and every project we undertake.  As we promote and raise funds for each project we closely monitor the incoming dollars and close each project campaign if and when the fundraising goal is met.  In the event that an individual project is completed under budget and excess funds remain in that account, we will move those excess funds into the next area of greatest need.







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