Project Canaan Academy - Education
The Project CanaanAcademy is a Christ-centered learning environment, from Pre-school through Grade 12, that is specially designed to empower and inspire students to develop to their potential intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually so that they can be the future leaders of eSwatini.
This is designed as a Christian learning program that serves a diverse range of students including orphans and vulnerable children.  The majority of these students have been in the care of Heart for Africa since they were infants.  The school implements a hands-on, project-based approach to instruction.  We adhere to a philosophy that addresses the needs of the whole child as well as practicing current, research-based education with an emphasis on Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory.  MI theory is a way of explaining how children learn.  It also emphasizes the diverse abilities of children and the need to assess learning using multi-dimensional evaluations.  A child is intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual.  Our plan is to carefully monitor and support growth in each of these facets.  We have a commitment to train up the solution-seekers and leaders who will bring positive impact to eSwatini, Africa, and the world.
The Project Canaan Academy mascot is a lion and his name is Aslan.
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