Christmas Catalog


Provide HOPE this holiday season and give a gift that will truly make a difference this Christmas.  Heart for Africa will ensure your gift is delivered to those in our community who are in desperate need.  Thank you for your generosity.

If you are making your gift in honor of someone, click here for a printable card: Christmas Card.


School Tuition for a year
Education is what creates the next generation of leaders. Your gift of $740 will provide for the cost of school tuition for one student at Project Canaan Academy for one year.
Price: $740.00   Quantity: 
School uniform
Help us provide school uniforms for our children. Your gift of $55 will provide one school uniform!
Price: $55.00   Quantity: 
Goat meat represents 63% of all red meat consumed in the world. It is a low fat alternative to chicken, it is easy to digest, and is highly profitable. Your gift of $200 will buy one goat that will be slaughtered and delivered to a church partner for a Christmas celebration for their children!
Price: $200.00   Quantity: 
For a donation of $10 we will deliver 100 hard-boiled eggs to one of our rural church partners.
Price: $10.00   Quantity: 
Child's Birthday Cake
Help us celebrate our children's birthdays! With a $15 donation you can provide a birthday cake for one child's birthday!
Price: $15.00   Quantity: 
Night Shift Auntie
Providing loving care for our children is our most important task. Your donation of $100 will provide for one night shift auntie for one month!
Price: $100.00   Quantity: 
Safari Gift
A donation of $30 will provide our children a Safari trip for their 6th birthday!
Price: $30.00   Quantity: 
Dairy Cow
The children at Project Canaan consume 390 gallons of milk each month, and that amount will continue to grow every month. We need to add to our dairy cows to provide fresh pasteurized milk for our children and to sell in our community.
Price: $1,300.00   Quantity: 
Each $20 donation purchases a hen for Heart for Africa's egg farm. One hen provides more than 275 fresh nutritious eggs for our community. These eggs provide a high-quality source of protein for our children and supplements our feeding program that delivers 74,000 hand-packed meals every month to our community.
Price: $20.00   Quantity: 
Christmas Food Pack for Workers
Your donation of $10 will provide a Christmas Food Pack for us to give one of our workers. The Pack includes: sugar, sugar beans, soap, sugar, cooking oil, fresh eggs, fresh milk and some beef from two slaughtered cows.
Price: $10.00   Quantity: 

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